CapAleph \pronounced kap aleff\
Our goal is to search for pioneering businesses to invest into. Our core emphasis is on perseverance - to work hard in the exciting endeavour of building pioneering businesses to leadership. The Hebrew alphabet "Aleph" captures the sentiment we seek to represent. The alphabet Aleph as represented in ancient texts is a stylized depiction of the ox in harness, a symbol of perseverance, service and hard work.
Aleph translates to Alpha in English. In our business, the quest for Alpha is a single minded pursuit - the constant endeavour to create a positive difference in returns generated on capital invested. This difference will be attributed to the proprietary efforts that we make in finding pioneering businesses to invest into, and in the efforts that will go into making these businesses truly valuable. The word "CapAleph" is therefore a reaffirmation of our vision, and a reminder of our commitment to persevere in building high quality and deep-rooted businesses, whatever the odds.