The Silent Revolution among the Musahars

A message posted on Facebook by Aditya Arya who studied with George at St Stephen's College. Aditya is today a renowned photographer in India and has admirably chronicled the various facets of life in India over the last 3 decades.

Dear Friends,
Recently I had the unique privilege of meeting a Stephanian who is leading a silent revolution to change the profile of the Musahar community in Bihar - possibly the most exploited and poverty stricken community in India. While women brew illicit liquor men gamble and eat rats .. Shri J. K. Sinha completed his schooling from St. Xavier's School, Patna and then graduated in History (Honors) from St. Stephen's College, Delhi. He did his Master's in History from the Delhi University. Subsequently, he joined the Indian Police Service in 1967. Shoshit Seva Sangh was formed with the objective of providing quality education to the poorest of the poor. Among the vast poverty ridden population of Bihar the most exploited and deprived is the Musahar [who] are landless laborers living in grinding poverty and sub-human conditions for centuries. Many among them are like bonded laborers living in ghettoes in the outskirts of the villages in Patna [Bihar, India]. Please log on to my web page to see this photographic documentation of the community in the villages and the children in the school run by Mr. Sinha. Mr. Sinha can be contacted on