The continuum of the Indian growth story is at an interesting watershed today. A self propelling and deep-rooted momentum of sustained growth in GDP is being driven by a few significant macro-economic and social changes.

  1. A significantly large proportion of the population is getting added to the productive age group - a positive demographic dividend
  2. The pace of urbanization has reached a critical state and in the coming two decades an unprecedented surge in the emergence of a large number of urban centers is forecast
  3. A silent revolution of female emancipation is taking deeper roots, driven by the improving health, higher levels of literacy and increasing participation in the work force of women
  4. Small town India and rural India are seeing these changes, and this is what makes the transformation of India a deep-rooted one

All of the above are causing far-reaching changes in household expenditure patterns with higher outlays for education, healthcare, and addressing new consumption needs. Across the home, the enterprise, and in administration, these changes are creating unprecedented and wide-ranging demand for improved infrastructure, and a need for higher influence of technology to improve all aspects of life.

All these factors are combining to spur investment led growth and creating many new opportunities for entrepreneurship a coming of age, the start of a new Indian Millennium.