We are a Bangalore based private advisory equity firm focused on building pioneering small businesses to leadership. The team at CapAleph has a proven track record of building valuable businesses in India and in overseas markets. In a growing economy like India, there are several businesses that would benefit more from operational support than mere infusion of capital. It is in identifying businesses that have the potential to develop into category defining positions, finding these companies before the market discovers them, and in engaging deeply with the operating aspects of these businesses, that significant difference in returns can be generated. This passionate quest for "Alpha", the capability and the enthusiastic drive to realize our goals, defines our efforts at CapAleph.
Our vision is to be a specialist enterprise that is the best in building high quality, category-defining businesses in high-growth sectors of the Indian economy.
Our mission is to identify pioneering businesses, and to support such companies to realize their ambition of sustainability, significance and stature. We will do this by working alongside the entrepreneur and the manager in companies that we invest into, to achieve our common goal with efficiency and speed.
We will always bring passion, perseverance and a high sense of quality to our business and never be satisfied with anything less than the highest standards of achievement in every aspect of our business.